Start your trip with shopping

Once you have passed through Security, you will enter directly into our wonderful tax free shopping area. Here, you will find great deals on well-known brands in beauty, home decor, fashion, spirits and all kinds of candies.

And if you forgot to buy a souvenir during your trip, do not worry. When you arrive, you will have the opportunity to visit our wonderful Tax Free Shop before you pick up your luggage and leave the airport.

Our wonderful staff is always ready to help you and look forward to welcoming you to the Tax Free Shop in Aarhus Airport.

Free storage when you travel to countries in the EU

We offer to store your purchased goods for free when you shop at Aarhus Airport before your journey.

Make a good deal in the Tax Free Shop when you visit Aarhus Airport. You do not need to carry your goods with you on the journey. We are happy to store your goods for you free of charge while you are travelling.

Retrieve your goods

When you return home to Aarhus Airport, we make sure that your goods are ready for retreavel in Passenger Service. That way, you can easily get your purchased goods and take them home.

If you have questions about storing goods, you can send an email to [email protected]

Nature afdeling

Nature brands

We have a variety of nature brands amongst others:

  • Relevant
  • Rudolf Care by Andrea Rudolf
  • Ole Henriksen
  • Tromborg

Perfumes and skin care

In our Tax Free Shop, you will also find skin care and perfumes of different brands, for example:

  • Biotherm
  • Clinique
  • Clarins
  • Hugo Boss
  • Marc Jacobs
Familie i Tax Free shoppen Aarhus Airport

Candy and liqour

We both have something for the kids and the grown ups. Let the kids find their favorite candy, and you can look for your preferred liquor brand.

Familie besøger Aarhus Airport Kiosk


In our kiosk, you can find a quick bite to eat, a hot cup of coffee, something for the sweet tooth, a book or magasin to take with you on your trip.


YES! You are more than welcome to stop our Tax Free Shop to buy a gift, candy, wine or other necessaities for the rest of your trip.

NOTE! Guests arriving in the Non-Schengen area cannot shop after landing as they have to go through boarder control.

We do. The smoking room is located in the corner of the shop by the wine.






Yves Saint Laurent




Helena Rubinstein

Dr. Irena Eris