With GreenMobility you can easily borrow an electric car from Aarhus Airport to Aarhus City.

With GreenMobility you can take a car directly from Aarhus Airport, and drive directly to Aarhus – when your journey is over, you just leave the car on the street within GreenMobility’s zone in Aarhus City. So you do not have to worry about putting the car back to Aarhus Airport. Do you want to keep the car, e.g. while shopping or attending a meeting, you can too. You will find, reserve and unlock the city car in the app, which is the key to all city cars. It does not get any easier.

It only requires that you are registered and approved as a user before you can drive.
When registering, you must use your driving license and a credit card.

You can also choose to book a rental car through one of our rental companies in Aarhus Airport – See the companies here