Information about Aarhus Airport

Opening hours

The terminal opens every day an hour and a half before the first departure and closes half an hour after the last arrival. Please note that staying overnight is not possible at the airport.

Available leases

Right now, there are no existing vacancies at the airport. However, the airport is in rapid development, and we will open a new delicious airport in late-2022 for the benefit of the whole of Eastern Jutland. It could potentially open up new collaborations and business opportunities.

For interest in future commercial leases, contact the management at +45 87757006.

Job at Aarhus Airport

As we are an organisation in constant growth and development, we are regularly looking for new competencies to join our team. Keep yourself updated on vacancies by following our Linkedin profile or follow us here.

Order assistance


Order handicapservice along with your flight through your airline.

According to an EU regulation with effect from 26 July 2008, disabled people have access to a free service scheme in connection with departure and arrival at Aarhus Airport.

The sunflower cord

The sunflower cord, which is an international symbol of people with invisible disabilities and hidden diagnoses, is available at Aarhus Airport. The sunflower cord is an offer for guests who clearly want to signal to employees that they have an invisible disability or a hidden illness that means they may need more help, extra time or patience on their way through the airport.