Order assistance

Book assistance with the flight with your airline.

If you are disabled, you have access to a free service scheme in connection with departure and arrival at Aarhus Airport.

If you need assistance at the airport or on board the plane, you must draw attention to this already when booking the trip. This applies, among other things, if you:

  • Need help getting to / from the plane
  • Need help getting on board
  • Uses wheelchair
  • Bring a guide or service dog
  • Has impaired vision or hearing

It is a requirement to access this service that you have booked it via your airline together with the flight, preferably seven days in advance, and no later than 48 hours before departure.

Is Aarhus Airport designed for wheelchair users?

At Aarhus Airport, we want to embrace a wide range and welcome all passengers. We have taken this into account in our interior design and in relation to our facilities. Here you will experience wide corridors, elevators or assistance, where there are stairs, disabled toilets and other measures that make it as easy as possible to travel for you as a wheelchair user. We have smaller, practical wheelchairs available in connection with boarding and take the best possible care of your needs. In order to assist you in the best possible way, we therefore ask you to let us know that you are a wheelchair user well in advance of departure. If you have questions about facilities or options, you are always welcome to contact us.

Meeting places

When you arrive at the airport, you must – unless otherwise agreed – contact the airport’s Passenger Service. You will be met here by a representative of the airport’s service provider, who will ensure that you have access to the pre-agreed help and assistance.

Possible meeting places in the departure situation

  • At the airport’s Passenger Service
  • At the arrival point of the airport buses
  • At the airport disabled parking

Meeting times

Domestic and Scandinavian: 30 min. before departure.
Foreign: 60 min. before departure.

Possible meeting places in the arrival situation

In the aircraft seat when the other passengers have left the aircraft.
At the foot of the front stairs of the plane