Aarhus Airport - Serving Denmarks 2nd City

Aarhus Airport is the Danish easterners’ local airport with just about a 30 min. drive from Aarhus center and 40 min. from Randers. Aarhus Airport employs approx. 100 employees – from passenger service, route development, administration, marketing and communication to ramp and security people.

With a route and charter network that covers important parts of Europe, we ensure the East Jutland business community and the East Jutlanders quick and easy access to and from European destinations. Through our routes to e.g. In Copenhagen, London and Oslo, we also ensure that easterners can travel further out into the world to hundreds of other destinations.


Aarhus Airport ensures East Jutland’s citizens as well as the business, education and research environment fast and easy air transport to and from European destinations – as well as via hubs further out into a globalized world. The airport strives to make its facilities, mindset and set-up attractive for the establishment of new routes and charter departures to sought-after travel and holiday destinations in Europe – for the citizens of East Jutland as well as the business, education and research environment.


Through targeted investments in route development, facilities, passenger service and efficient marketing, Aarhus Airport will achieve a position as the nearest and most frequent starting point for East Jutland business and private travelers’ flights. AAR strives to have well-functioning routes to the most popular / sought-after destinations in Europe – both for private and business and educational environments – as well as access to hundreds of other destinations via strategic traffic hubs that you can fly on from – out into the world.