We connect Greater Aarhus with the rest of the world

Through targeted investments in route development, facilities, passenger services and effective marketing, Aarhus Airport will become the closest and most frequent starting point for flights by industrial companies and private travellers in Eastern Jutland. AAR strives to have well-functioning routes to the most popular/demanded destinations in Europe – both for private as well as business and education communities – along with access to hundreds of other destinations via strategic hubs from which to fly onwards – out into the world.

Did you know that Greater Aarhus is the 5th largest Nordic metropolitan area
(after the 4 capitals) with a population base of
over 1.38 million in and around Aarhus.

Meet the route development team of Aarhus Airport

David Surley - Aarhus Airport

David Surley

David graduated at the Newcastle Business School in the United Kingdom, one of the world’s top academic institutions in travel and tourism management.  His experience with major international airlines in marketing, sales and communications as well as in network planning and development, includes with British Airways, ANA (All Nippon Airways), the Star Alliance and Air Mauritius, before moving to the airport management side of the industry as a business, commercial and route development strategist over ten years ago.

David moved to Denmark in 2016, just ahead of Aarhus becoming European Capital of Culture, David is now a permanent Danish resident and lives close to the city of Aarhus, traveling regularly to represent the region at conferences and in airline planning discussions across Europe and beyond.  When not on duty, he is a qualified yacht skipper and sailing enthusiast, also a keen runner and skier.

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Maarten Cooreman - Route Development Manager - Aarhus Airport

Maarten Cooreman

Maarten graduated as a Master in Business Administration at HUB, Brussels (now KU Leuven). He started his professional career 10 years ago with TUI in Belgium. After gaining experience on the Tour Operator side (revenue management) for 2.5 years, he moved to the airline side of TUI.

Maarten was responsible for, amongst other things, route development and airport relations for the home bases in TUI Western Region (Belgium, Netherlands, France, and Morocco).

After almost 10 years with TUI, Maarten decided to move to Denmark and join the Route Development team of Aarhus airport. Together with David and Rune, he will be representing the airport and the region at conferences all over the world. When not on duty, Maarten likes to travel (not only around the world but also in Denmark!). As a true Belgian, he is a big fan of football and loves to go cycling.

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Rune Hansen - Route Development Manager - Aarhus Airport

Rune Hansen

Rune holds a Bachelor in Business Administration with Sustainability from Aarhus University and a Master’s Degree in Tourism from Aalborg University.

Rune works as a Route Development Manager and joined Aarhus Airport in March 2023. Rune has been working in the aviation industry since 2015, in the majority of the years at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Geneva where he supported airlines in improving their sustainability performance. He has also prior experience from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal.

When not on duty, Rune, like his colleagues, enjoy traveling around the World, and spend time with his family and friends.

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