Parking at Aarhus Airport

Digital parking

Aarhus Airport has a modernized technical parking system, where you do not have to waste any time, so the experience is as fast, easy and smooth as possible for you as a traveler. When you drive in or out of the airport, your license plate is automatically scanned. Therefore, you do not encounter the traditional parking barriers, and when there are no barriers, there is virtually no or very little probability of queuing.

Do you have questions about parking at Aarhus Airport?

Then call Aarhus Airport’s parking hotline on tel. +45 8775 7474.

General information

We are renovating the airport car parks and will expand to more than 2000 parking spaces. Therefore, all parking is currently directed to P1 and P3. The parking area is illuminated and under video surveillance, and luggage trolleys are available in several locations.

Here you will find important information about parking during your visit to Aarhus Airport.

Rules for the parking area

  • All parking areas are fenced
  • The areas are regularly patrolled at night
  • Parking is done in all respects at your own risk
  • Payment for parking must be made within 48 hours of departure. If this does not happen, a fee of
    DKK 300 will be charged by the parking company.
  • Parking for motorcycles and scooters is only allowed on P3
  • Cars parked on driveways, footpaths, discounts, etc. will be moved at the owner’s expense

Chargers for electric cars

At Aarhus Airport, you can charge your electric car via one of the four charging stations set up in the airport’s car park P3, which is located to the right after the driveway to the airport.

The charging stations are set up by E.ON.

Help regarding. parking within Aarhus Airport’s opening hours

Contact Passenger Service on tel: +45 8775 7000

Help regarding. parking outside Aarhus Airport’s opening hours

Contact the airport security guard on tel: +45 8775 7082.