New direct route to Gotland from Aarhus


Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) is adding the Swedish vacation hotspot, Visby, to the departure schedule at Aarhus Airport. The new route to the UNESCO town will operate twice a week starting from July 3, 2023 and will be the only direct flight connection from Denmark to Gotland. Travelers will now have the convenience of flying directly from Aarhus to Visby, providing them with easier access to explore the historic and picturesque attractions of the island.

Gotland is to the Swedes what Bornholm is to the Danes – a classic summer destination with a fantastic mix of culture, gastronomy, history, nature, plenty of sunshine, and unique Swedish summer charm, particularly attracting residents of Stockholm. Visby is an ideal short vacation destination for Danes, and it is a great move by BRA to add a direct summer route from Aarhus to Visby in addition to their year-round flights to Stockholm,” says David Surley, Senior Director of Route Development & Marketing at Aarhus Airport.

Located in the Baltic Sea, Gotland is about the size of Funen (an island in Denmark). With a rental car, it is a short distance from Visby to large forest areas, hiking dunes, and white sandy beaches – perfect for a swim or a picnic with stunning views. Crime fiction fans can follow in the footsteps of Mari Jungstedt and visit the hotspots featured in her 16 novels set on her favorite island, Gotland. Visby is also the venue for Almedalsveckan, the original Swedish political event that inspired Denmark’s Folkemødet.

During Visby’s heyday in the early Middle Ages, it was one of the most modern cities in Northern Europe and a hub of trade in the Baltic Sea. The 3.4-kilometer-long city wall with 27 towers dates back to the 13th century and, together with the medieval district of Visby, earned the city a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995. The city’s early wealth is evident in its impressive buildings in the old town and the cathedral that overlooks the city. On the cliff above the church, the romantic old “gingerbread houses” in wood stand side by side. The city offers a vibrant and diverse food scene with trendy restaurants and specialty stores that have a big-city feel. The restaurant selection is wide-ranging, from Creperie Strykjärnet and the super-trendy Wisby Deli to a range of gourmet restaurants that focus on the island’s local ingredients such as fresh fish, crisp vegetables, and lamb.

BRA will make its first flight to Visby on July 3, 2023. There will be two weekly departures on Mondays and Fridays until August 11. The flight time between Aarhus and Visby is just over an hour, while the travel time by car from Aarhus to Visby is approximately 12 hours.