July sets all-time records at Aarhus Airport


61,417 July guests traveled through Aarhus Airport, making it historically the highest number of guests in a single month. The young Aarhus couple, Caroline and Joachim, surpassed the previous monthly record on their way to Malaga.

Never before has Aarhus Airport scanned so many boarding passes in a single month as it did in July. The sales of trips to international destinations have grown significantly over the past years, in line with the airport’s heavy investment in total modernization of the terminal building, upgrading the guest experience to the highest level, and expanding the number of routes and destinations. The traffic figures for July highlight this development, showing a 32 percent increase in total number of travelers compared to July 2022. This means that 14,916 more passengers traveled through Aarhus Airport in the summer vacation month of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. At the same time, the influx of guests indicates that the solid passenger base in Denmark’s second-largest city and within Aarhus Airport’s radius is increasingly utilizing the airport. This positions the airport well to achieve the goal for the total passenger count in 2023.

“The traffic figures for July show that we are on a straight growth course. We aim to increase this year’s total passenger count by 25 percent in 2023 compared to 2022, and the impressive figures for July bring us closer to our growth targets at a rapid pace. It is particularly the foreign destinations that are driving the increase, and travelers have warmly embraced Aarhus Airport as an international hub. The booking outlook for the coming months looks promising, and with new routes in the pipeline, we expect the growth journey to continue on a positive course,” says Lotta Sandsgaard, the CEO of Aarhus Airport.

Passenger number 60,500

Until now, October 2010 held the monthly record with 60,456 passengers. Back then, domestic traffic was the primary driver, while today, the airport has a much more international orientation with a sharp focus on serving both business and leisure travelers. Aarhus Airport celebrated the new record by honoring the 60,500th passenger, Caroline Lagoni, who was on her way to sunny temperatures in Malaga with her travel companion, Joachim Wædeled. The couple received champagne for their journey and a choice of a travel gift card to one of Ryanair’s destinations from Aarhus Airport. Currently, Ryanair is the largest airline operating at Aarhus Airport, flying to Malaga, Corfu, Zadar, Milan, London, Gdansk, Palma de Mallorca, Riga, and Faro. Ryanair has recently expanded its summer route to Faro from Aarhus Airport to be a year-round route. In July, the scheduled flights of SAS, DAT, BRA, and Wizz Air were also well-booked, along with charter flights by Århus Charter, Spies, and Sunweb. In September, a new route to Naples with Gislev Rejser will take off, and before the autumn holidays, Spies will add Gran Canaria to their departure schedule.

The increasing passenger growth at Aarhus Airport in 2023 means that the total number of travelers in the first seven months of the year lands at 318,470, which is 44.6 percent more guests than in the same period in 2022.