Eat traditional Danish at Ingerslevs

Welcome to Aarhus Airport’s restaurant, Ingerslevs! Here you can enjoy a selection of delicious dishes that focus on the good ingredients and specialties from the airport’s local area. Ingerslevs’ food concept has been specially developed with our guests in mind – those traveling to and from Aarhus Airport. It must be easy and delicious, and the travelers must take a unique taste experience with them when they leave the restaurant.

We are looking forward to presenting our new menu, which is tailored for people on the go, and which is also strongly rooted in the local food supply in Djursland and in East Jutland. Menu card with prices and dishes will be on the website soon, but until then you can see examples from the menu below.

Bon appetite!

Smørebrød med æg og rejer og vin

Danish Smørrebrød

Try a traditional Danish dish. The open-faced sandwich, also called smørrebrød in Danish, is a slice of rye bread with toppings such as egg and shimps, frikadeller (pork), potatos or chicken salad.

Pizzasandwich med laks

Pizza sandwich

An alternative to the traditional pizza slice. Get this delicious pizza sandwich with either salmon and avocado, ham and mozzerella or mozzerella and sun-dried tomatoes.



Enjoy a good breakfast before your departure at Ingerslevs. Here you can get porridge, skyr with muesli and berries, rolls and croissants, among other things.

Named after the well-known Aarhusian market

The name originates from Ingerslevs Boulevard in Aarhus. In 1903, Ingerslevs Boulevard was laid out – particularly known for its large square market, which has attracted people from all over Aarhus and the surrounding area for over 100 years. In the beginning, the market was on Ingerslevs Plads, but later on it moved to the car-free central market plae on the boulevard in 1952. Over time, the market became the heart of Aarhus’ food scene, where people met from every corner of the region to buy fruit, fresh vegetables, fish, meat and local specialties. And so it still is. The square market on Ingerslevs Boulevard is alive and well today.

The name Ingerslev comes from a well-known person in Aarhus’ history. Hans Peter Ingerslev was a farmer, landowner, politician and minister. He has given his name to the boulevard and our restaurant. Ingerslevs Boulevard represents local identity, community, history and traditions, and these are precisely the virtues we have brought into the airport restaurant.