Passenger service

Passenger service is the first faces you meet when you arrive at the airport.
The department makes sure to welcome our guests and take good care of all our guests at the airport, both in terms of check-in and boarding, just as they handle luggage drop-off. Upon arrival, if your suitcase unexpectedly should not have arrived by plane, Passenger Service will help to make a luggage report and make sure that you receive your suitcase again as soon as possible.

What can you use Passenger Service for?

The staff at Passagerservice will help you with clarification of any questions you may have in connection with your trip. If you have general questions about rules at the airport, your visit to Aarhus Airport, obtaining VAT registration and need help to get your goods stamped, you are always welcome to contact Passagerservice.

If you need questions before your trip, you are welcome to contact Passagerservice by email or telephone.

Contact Passenger Service:

Phone: (+45) 87 75 70 00
E-mail: [email protected]