Apply for or renew your ID card

If you wish to apply for an Aarhus Airport ID card, you must fill in the forms below. You must fill out the same forms when you want to renew your current ID card.

All information stated in the CV/resume must be verified with documentation. Please, attach this documentation when handing in your application.

The ID card will be extradited by the Airport Reporting Office. Remember to bring photo identification when retrieving your ID card.

Examples of documentation

All information in the CV must be listed in chronological order. Furthermore, it is important that everything stated in the form is accounted for with documentation.

Needed documenation going 5 years back:

Education: Document with start and end date of education, a diploma, written confirmation from the school or similar.

Employment: A letter from your employer with your start and end date and your job title. Note: if you have worked in Denmark you can document your work with a copy from ATP.

Living out side Denmark: If you have been living out side Denmark for the past 6 months, you must ask for a copy of your criminal records from the local authority of the respective country.

Unemployment more than 28 days: Can be documented with payment of benefits receipts or the like.