Aarhus Airport has a strong partnership with multiple airlines including Ryanair, SAS, Wizz Air, and DAT. These airlines offer a range of different flights to popular destinations in Europe and Asia. With this many possibilities, you can easily find a destination that suits your needs and budget. Whether you want a short weekend trip or a longer vacation, rest assured that you will find a suitable flight from Aarhus Airport with one of these dependable airlines.

Below you will find a list of the current airlines in Aarhus Airport.

Flyv med Ryanair fra Aarhus Airport


Ryanair is one of Europe’s largest low-cost airlines who offers low-price flights to destinations all over Europe. The airline has a modern air fleet and offers a variety of services and facilities such as food and beverages onboard at affordable prices. Ryanair also has a user-friendly booking process which gives the traveller the opportunity to choose their prefered destination and time of travel at competive prices. With Ryanair, you can travel to your dream destination without exceeding your budget.

At the moment, Ryanair offers you affordable flights to 9 destinations from Aarhus Airport e.g. Milano, Faro, Riga, Gdansk, London and many more. 

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Flyv med SAS fra Aarhus Airport

SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

SAS is one of the largest Scandinavian airlines who offers flights to more than 100 destinations all over the world. The airline has a modern air fleet, and it offers a variety of services and facilities onboard such as delicious food and beverages and wifi on selected flights. SAS is also known for a high level of service, and a very professional crew that ensures you have a pleasant journey. With SAS, you can choose a fare type that suits your individual needs. You can also earn points with the loyalty program, EuroBonus. SAS is the perfect choice if you want a reliable and comfortable flight.

With about 40 flights a week, you can fly directly to Copenhagen or Oslo with SAS. From Aarhus Airport, SAS departures to Copenhagen every day of the week. For Oslo, there are departures Monday through Friday.

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Find din rejse med BRA fra Aarhus Airport

BRA - Braathens Regional Airlines

Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) is a regional airline in Scandinavia what offers routes to over 15 destionations in Sweden and Norway. The airline has a modern air fleet and focuses on efficient customer service and comfortable journey. With BRA’s loyalty program, BRA Vänner, you can earn points and get exclusive offers. The airline offers competitive prices and an easy booking process making you able to plan your flight without stress. If you want to experience Scandinavia’s beautiful nature and cities, BRA is the perfect airline for you.

Fly directly to Stockholm (Bromma) or Gothenburg (Landvetter) from Aarhus Airport with BRA. Daily departures Monday through Friday.

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Find din rejse med Wizz Air fra Aarhus Airport

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-price airline that offers affordable flights to many intriguing destinations in Europe and Asia.

Wizz Air also has a user-friendly online booking process giving you the opportunity to choose your prefered destination and time of departure at affordable prices. Wizz Air is known for their low prices and flexible fare types, suitable for every budget and need.

At the moment, Wizz Air currently only operates to Bucharest from Aarhus Airport.

Flyv med DAT fra Aarhus Airport

DAT - Danish Air Transport

Danish Air Transport (DAT) is a Danish airline offering regional flights to multiple destinations in Denmark and Northern Europe. The airline has a modern air fleet, and it focuses on giving their passengers a safe, reliable and comfortable journey. DAT also offers different fares and flexible opportunity to change your flight. That way, you can adjust your journey to your specific needs. The airline is known for great customer service and friendly staff, who are always ready to help. If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable flight for your next detination in Denmark or in Northern Europe, DAT is the perfect fit for you.

At the moment, the DAT route from Aarhus Airport is only to Bornholm (Rønne) in the summer from mid June until mid August.