Forretningsbetingelser for Hotel Booking


These terms and conditions apply to all products and services provided of Aarhus Airport Hotel through our online platforms, email and telephone to our Customers and Guests. By accessing and making a booking through our online platform the Customers agree to the terms and

conditions set out below.


In Terms and Conditions, the following words have the following meaning:

“Aarhus Airport Hotel” means Aarhus Airport A/S, CVR number 25449746, working under the laws of Denmark, and other companies (hotels) registered and owned in the same group company.

“Booking” means the reservation made and completed by the Customer and accepted by Aarhus Airport.

“Customer” means the person that purchases Aarhus Airport products and services and makes the Booking.

“Guests” means the Customer and any other person which is part of the Booking.

“Hotel” means the hotel owned and operated by the same group company, Aarhus Airport Hotel.

“Platform” means the website and the mobile version of the website owned, controlled, and managed by Aarhus Airport. The website is maintained and hosted by Aarhus Airport and Visbook.


Customers can request and complete Bookings via Aarhus Airports website.

To complete Bookings, Customers will be required to provide general personal data, such as first name, last name, email, and/or telephone number. Additional information may be asked by Aarhus Airport Hotel and provided by the Customer, but not required, such as country of

residence, preferred language, and other customer-related general information.

The Booking is completed when Aarhus Airport Hotel approves the reservation and provides a Booking number.

Required Customer changes will be accommodated by Aarhus Airport Hotel based on its capabilities. Customer changes related to the length of stay and add-on or removal of products and/or services, could or will be subjected to additional payment depending on the product and/or service availability and the current standard rate.


All rates are in Danish Kroner – and include service and VAT 25%.
All charges are provided by Aarhus Airport Hotel upon Customer request during Booking or later

during Check-in or Check-out.

The Charges only cover the accommodation at Aarhus Airport Hotel and the included products and services in the Booking.

Customers may inquire additional charges during their stay which are not included in the Booking for some Rates, including restaurant meals, room service, or special orders.

Customers will be informed of the additional charges upon Customer request.

All rates are by default non-refundable. In the event of a Booking cancellation, the Customer will have to pay the whole bill. Additionally, Customers cannot modify or change the Name of the Booking.

Full payment is required to book.

Customers can use a Company ID or Promo code, if they have one, and will receive a special rate based on the company agreement or the promo discount. Customers with Corporate Agreements and Block Groups do not necessarily have access to select the Flexible Rate since their rate is already set as flexible based on the Contract agreed and signed with Aarhus Airport Hotel.

Customers can pay the full amount in advance or pay a booking fee/or deposit and provide Debit or Credit Card information via which payment of the Charges and Additional Charges will be made.

Aarhus Airport Hotel accept the following payment methods: American Express, Diners Club, Visa, Mastercard, Dankort, JCB, Maestro, and Mobile pay.

We accept payment with CreditCards and debit cards. For Guarantee, we only accept credit cards.

It is not possible to pay by cash or bank transfer before the day of arrival. It is not possible to pay by bank transfer.

Aarhus Airport Hotel reserves the right to ask for identification that matches the identity of the credit card holder and the right to cancel the reservation should we suspect that the reservation is booked with a stolen card.


Standard accommodation: Cancellation must be made in writing no later than 2 days before arrival. For reservations made less than 2 days before arrival, the cancellation deadline is 24 hours prior to arrival. However, it must be done by 6:00 PM on the day before arrival at the latest.

Our prepaid online rates & restricted promotional offers cannot be changed or cancelled and must be paid at the time of booking.

If the Customer fails to give notice before 12 PM on the day of arrival and/or fails to arrive (no show), the Booking will be referred to as Cancelled and the Customer must pay the full amount of

the Booking Charges.

Cancellation terms may differ for Customers with Corporate Agreements and Block Groups. The cancellation terms for these Customers are defined in the contract agreed and signed with Aarhus Airport Hotel.

Aarhus Airport Hotel can cancel Bookings due to unavailability or any circumstances outside Aarhus Airpor Hotel.
In this case, the Customer will receive a full refund of the Booking made, if paid in advance, including any additional booking fees paid.

Aarhus Airport Hotel may cancel any Booking if the payment details provided by the Customer are invalid and cannot provide valid payment replacement details.


Check-in time at Aarhus Airport Hotel is at 3 PM. Check-out time at Aarhus Airport Hotel is until 11 AM. Late Check-out after 11 AM is charged with a fixed price per hour.


The Booking at Aarhus Airport Hotel does not include Food and Beverages.


Aarhus Airport Hotel is only responsible for the security of its facilities and the accommodation, products, and services it provides.

The customer agrees that all the above are for private use only.

Aarhus Airport Hotel is not responsible for any property loss, loss of profit, or loss of business.

However, in case, the above (property loss, loss of profit, or loss of business), can be concluded and agreed by Aarhus Airport Hotel that they were a direct and obvious consequence of Aarhus Airport Hotel employees’ negligence, shortcomings of Aarhus Airport Hotel products and services, then Aarhus Airport is responsible for the loss of damage suffered by the Customer.

Aarhus Airport Hotel will not be accountable for any failure or delay to perform its obligations when a failure or delay is caused by a third-party supplier or external events which are outside

Aarhus Airport Hotels control.


The guest is liable for the furnishing and fittings during their stay and will be charged for any damages before checking out. Guests are liable for all damages caused by their guests aside from normal wear and tear. For any damages, Aarhus Airport Hotel has the right to charge an amount according to the circumstances.

If additional room cleaning is required after the guests check out date. Aarhus Airport Hotel has the right to charge for extra cleaning.

It is not permitted to smoke anywhere indoors, beside an open window, or on the balcony. If these smoking rules are violated, Aarhus Airport Hotel has the right to charge costs incurred for decontamination, with a minimum charge of DKK 5.000,-.

It is not allowed to remove or disassemble the fire sensors in the room for any reason. Failure to comply will result in a minimum charge of DKK 7.500,-.

No animals are allowed on ANY OF THE ROOMS at Aarhus Airport Hotel. Bookings are not accepted by persons under the age of 18.

Customers and Guests are required to conduct themselves in a polite and responsible manner that may not disturb the other Customers. Failure to comply with this policy may subject the Customer to leave the Aarhus Airport Hotel property and pay an extra charge for Guests- disturbance.

Aarhus Airport Hotel complies with all Danish rules for accommodating disabled Guests.

Customers with any requirements regarding the special treatment for disabled Guests must inform Aarhus Airport Hotel before the Arrival date.

Aarhus Airport Hotel may change the content of its Terms and Conditions and it is subject to versioning. Customers will not receive a notice of these changes. However, the Customer’s consent was given to a specific version of the Terms and Conditions, and that, and only that version, will continue to apply to that Booking.

Any new Bookings will agree to the updated version of the Terms and Conditions, which will be available on Aarhus Airport Hotels website. Therefore, it is recommended that Customers read and understand our Terms and Conditions before completing the Booking.