Taxa-, limousine- og autoservice

Taxi service

It is always possible to get a taxi at Aarhus Airport.

The taxis have a waiting area in close proximity to the arrival hall.

Estimated prices for taxi*
​Aarhus Airport - Aarhus C​ity Center 650 DKK​
​Aarhus Airport - Randers 730 DKK​
​Aarhus Airport - Ebeltoft​ 270 DKK​
​Aarhus Airport - Grenaa 330 DKK​

*Prices are only estimates and prices can vary depending on different tariffs and change i traffic.

Links for preordering taxis

​Limousine service

Order a limousine from Aarhus Airport:

auto service

HN Autocenter offers professional care of your car while you travel!

Contact for more information.

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