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Flight Training

​Cockpit Crew Training at Aarhus Airport Ltd.​

Aarhus Airport offers a special 75% discount on the take-off fee for flight training.

 We have been allocated a high number of flight training operations in our environmental certification, which enables us to accommodate even large scale flight training operations.

Currently, airport utilization is rather low, and we can, therefore, guarantee effective use of airborne time.

Volume deals, for series of 100 or more operations, can be negotiated.

​Flight Training Data Sheet

​Terms and Conditions
Aarhus Airport Ltd.
Airport Office
Ny Lufthavnsvej 24
DK-8560 Kolind​
+45 87 75 70 50​
​Airport Briefing
Excellent briefing and crew facilities​
​Approved for
VMC da and VFR night, IFR 24HR operations​
​For further information, please contact
Manager​ Lars Boesen​
Address​ Aarhus Airport Ltd.
Ny Lufthavnsvej 24
8560 Kolind​
Phone​ +45 27 15 05 92​
Fax​ +45 87 75 70 52​
Email​ lb@aar.dk​​

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